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Hell Gate Europe

Album: Hell Gate Europe
Release: Spring 2023

Line-up (members):
Rony Rage: Songwriting, Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Synthesizer (all tracks)

Production staff / artist:
Rony Rage: Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer, Cover Art, Layout, Art Direction, Design, (all tracks)

Track listing (Songs):

1. Grey Future – 05:21
2. Death Can Dance – 06:33
3. Nightmares – 05:42
4. The New World Of Glorious Fahrenheit – 04:17
5. Hell Gate Europe – 05:52
6. Porta Inferni Europa – 05:29
7. Death Row – 04:58

Rony Rage is back.

As the only one to rise from the ashes after the breakup of the internationally known metal band Sharzall, to continue his apocalyptic musical journey. Darker than ever before.

Rony Rage is a multi-genre musician who has been making music for over 25 years. His dedication to music is evidenced by his new solo project Facetaker, for which he set up his own music studio. He draws his endless musical ideas from life and fantasy. His work is characterized by a progressive approach and is characterized by the thematic context which creates the musical plot. In each song he opens the door to another world. Rony Rage doesn’t just prefer simple dark lyrics, but above all, he attaches importance to the depth of thoughts he hides in them. According to him, the textual part is the most complex part of the entire project.

The first album „Hell Gate Europe“ was released in March 2023 and contains 7 songs. In each one, he puts emphasis on the intro, which is supposed to introduce the story line of the song. this album takes you to the near future of our world, in which the dark god Astrodius has decided to send his son, evil himself, to earth to open the first gate of hell and allow terrifying nightmares to enter. They are to punish the human race for its ostentatious and selfish existence. The album ends with the bonus track „Porta Inferni Europa“, which is sung in Latin and thus closes the story line of the album.

Facetaker is an unconventional „Industrial Metal“ genre, or rather it could be called an „Apocalyptic Metal“ genre, which if it is not official, Facetaker definitely created it. Atmospheric elements and the epicness of the songs is the intention, as well as the sound processing of the resulting songs. His musical signature is truly original and it is undeniable that he likes to shock whether with obscure or choral elements. The singing is different in every  song and  thw ainging techniques alternate.

Facetaker is definitely not idle and is already fully dedicated to recording the second album, which should be released on November 2023. It is more than certain that we have a lot to look forward to. Proof is the already released singles „Remember Me“ and „Rainbow For Sophia“