METALTONE RECORDS is a multi-genre music label and production house

Contest for a 1-year contract

Our main goal is to support new musical artists. That is why we decided to organize a competition for an annual contract with an individual program that will be adapted to the needs of the winner. All artists who have already prepared their musical works for release can participate in the competition, regardless of the musical genre. 

As the world teeters on the brink of extinction, humanity unites against an alien threat from Astrodia.

Against a backdrop of devastation and despair, The Astrodian Chronicles the harrowing journey of a divided world forced to come to terms with its differences in the face of extinction. 

Let your music be heard.
With Metaltone Records, it’s easy and the whole world can hear it.

A music show aimed at emerging artists who want to show themselves to the world and get a unique opportunity.