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Tales Untold

Album: Tales Untold
Release: Autumn 2023

Line-up (members):
Rony Rage: Songwriting, Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Synthesizer (all tracks)

Production staff / artist:
Rony Rage: Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer, Cover Art, Layout, Art Direction, Design, (all tracks)

Track listing (Songs):

1. Skull Hill Golgotha – 02:58
2. Remember Me – 03:15
3. Rainbow for Sophia – 04:13
4. Extradial Force – 04:16
5. Blonde Feather – 08:19
6. New Bellfort – 05:38
7. Tale Untold – 04:05
8. Servant Of Light – 05:12
9. Sweetheart – 03:33
10. Lady Reality (bonus) – 03:28
11. Rozrávka o Mamone – 04:18

Rony rage, also known from the metal band Sharzall,

surprised with his comeback and first album „Hell Gate Europe“, released in March 2023 caused an earthquake with a foreshadowing of something bigger and stronger.

What Rony „Facetaker“ Rage has prepared for us in his second album „Tales Untold“ to be released on november 2023, has certainly lived up to expectations.

The singles that have already seen the light of the music world are like an unstoppable tsunami.

On the new album, FACETAKER has omitted the intros in the songs this time and the overall melodic aspect is also a big change. In the lyrics he points out the dark sides of each of us, the perverted values, the misguided priorities of humanity, or our darkest fears.

For example, the song „Remember Me“ has a profound message about our impermanence. In the lyrics, “My voice sounds eternally…” reminds us of the importance of what we leave behind in this world. The song was released as a bonus with a music video filmed right in Rony’s studio and has skyrocketed in success.

The next track „Rainbow For Sophia“ is a specific CoverArt single and the originality stands out in the lyrics as well as the musical and vocal performance.

One of the most successful singles to date, „Tale Untold“ is clearly one of FACETAKER’s finest efforts. A Slovak version of the single called „Rozprávka o mamone“ was also released. The lyrics of both songs show us the sad reality of today’s world, in which people measure their own value by possessions, while they don’t know the real values of life. The consequence of their actions is, unfortunately, sadness and loneliness. However, the melody and rhythm of this track is so energy and catchy that after the first listen you will be cursing Facetaker because you just won’t be able to get it out of your head.

The single „Sweetheart“ will make you cry and literally overwhelm you emotionally.

Despair, pain from the death of a loved one, attempts to come to terms with the loss are interspersed with a feeling of hopelessness and a heartbreaking cry for help. On the other hand, endless love beyond the grave. Although FACETAKER doesn’t abandon its darkness, this time it showed another more emotional side and shocked us again.

And what else is in store for us? Rony „Facetaker“ Rage himself revealed that the third album will be a really big surprise for many, especially with its subject matter. So what he will shock us with in the future, we can only guess for now.