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Corpus Gorgonium

Album: Corpus Gorgonium
Release: Autumn 2024

Line-up (members):
Rony Rage: Songwriting, Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Synthesizer (all tracks)

Production staff / artist:
Rony Rage: Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer, Cover Art, Layout, Art Direction, Design, (all tracks)

Track listing (Songs):

1. Serpentis Mors – 06:37
2. Ark of Dying Light – 07:30
3. Last Starlight – 02:52


Rony „Facetaker“ Rage is definitely not slacking. After the huge success of his third album „Dystopian Dreadnought“, which was released in March 2024, he comes with the announcement of the release of his fourth album titled „Corpus Gorgonium“. The album will be officially released in November 2024.

The first single released, „Serpentis Mors„, tells a story of courage to face a mythical gorgon and features orchestral elements that give the track an epic atmosphere.

The second single „Ark of Dying Light“ is a harbinger that the album is going to be truly spectacular. Featuring a great animated music video, the track depicts the horrific death of angels. Despite being just over 7 minutes long, the interesting compositional transitions surprise in many ways. Like the first single, „Ark of Dying Light“ will amaze you with orchestral passages and angelic vocals. According to the reviews so far, this is Facetaker’s best musical effort yet.

The third single released is „Last Starlight“. This song is again in a sad and somber atmosphere, it is inspired by my own experience and talks about the loss of an important person and his passing to the other world. The deep thought of this song is unquestionable, which can be heard in its emotional execution.

That being said, Facetaker is definitely aiming high with his next album. We’ll see what else he brings us, but it’s definitely safe to say that each track not only convinces of his qualities, but also surprises and raises the bar to a higher level once again. Fans can rest assured that another unforgettable musical journey awaits us with „Corpus Gorgonium“.