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Dystopian Dreadnought

Album: Dystopian Dreadnought
Release: Autumn 2024

Line-up (members):
Rony Rage: Songwriting, Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Synthesizer (all tracks)

Production staff / artist:
Rony Rage: Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer, Cover Art, Layout, Art Direction, Design, (all tracks)

Track listing (Songs):

1. Hello Mr. Facetaker – 00:26
2. Hero Anymorege – 03:59
3. The Future Dies – 04:03
4. Siren’s Hymn of Death – 04:35
5. Compulsive Therapy – 05:21
6. The Enslaver of Shameless Worlds – 07:20
7. Hypnotic Therapy – 05:00
8. Last Conception – 05:51
9. 1M71 Mannequin – 03:41
10. All Bad Relations – 04:03
11. My Mother Is Monster – 04:45
12. Nocturnus Neurosis – 03:42
13. Dystopian Dreadnought – 06:1

Get ready, Rony „Facetaker“ Rage, the provocateur of the metal scene, announces the release of his third album „Dystopian Dreadnought“.

In the deep waters of the global metal scene, Rony „Facetaker“ Rage delivers another wave of sonic intensity. Less than a year since the release of his debut album „Hell Gate Europe“ in the spring of 2023 and just five months after his sophomore album „Tales Untold“ in the fall of 2023, Rony Rage is ready to unleash his third album, „Dystopian Dreadnought“.

The digital release is scheduled for March 20, 2024, and eager fans will be able to secure tickets for this unstoppable dystopian icebreaker starting February 20, 2024.

Among the tracks on this sonic journey we find standout single „Hero Anymore“, which features a surprising vocal performance from Rony’s five-year-old daughter Emma Rage, who is already known from the „Tale Untold“ music video. Known for his uncompromising attitude, Rony Facetaker Rage delivers two tracks that clearly express his views.

The single „Compulsive Therapy“ serves as a mirror for mean people and fake friendships. Meanwhile, „All Bad Relationships“ carries a charge of metal energy, along with a somewhat humorous tale of cowardice, fear of responsibility, and an unusual almost „collaboration.“

„Compulsive Therapy“ immediately caught the attention of listeners, gaining over 50,000 streams on SoundCloud within minutes of its release. The single „1M71 Mannequin“ won praise in Australia, Brazil and Spain with its eerie story and animated music video. Not forgetting the holiday spirit, Rony Facetaker Rage took on the stories of Santa Claus in the track „The Enslaver of Shameless Worlds“.

Another famous track is „Last Conception“ in which you will find many alternating musical styles, bravuraly combined into one energetic whole.

The last track of the album is the eponymous „Dystopian Dreadnought“. As usual, it brings us not only a musical experience but also a deep thought in the lyrics.

Although the album’s release is currently only announced digitally, fans can only hope that Rony’s penchant for surprises will pleasantly shock us this time around.