METALTONE RECORDS is a multi-genre music label and production house


my name is Lathliss.

I am from Slovakia and I like to be different from others. 

I like to spend my free time with my family, I like to do creative activities and self-development. I like nature, exploring new places, animals – especially cats, probably because of their specific character, which is very close to me. 

I hate stereotype, routine work defined by spreadsheets and similar boring stuff.
I love freedom, free creativity, the opportunity to constantly innovate, invent, progress and take on new challenges. That’s why I’ve been a member of the Metaltone Records team since its inception. I started as a Service Delivery Manager, but I currently hold the position of CEO and Artists Manager for VIP artists.

It doesn’t matter if you listen to music or make music. Music means freedom to me. Someone once said that there are no limits to freedom or creativity, so I try to practice the same system at Metaltone Records.
I actively seek out new opportunities to support artists and promote their musical creations. I’m constantly working on expanding and improving the services provided, expanding partnerships and therefore opening new doors, behind which there are always interesting opportunities.

I am here for artists who need advice, who are looking for a music label with a special approach, comprehensive advice, legislative representation and protection…

Something more about me and music?

Music has been with me all my life and usually quite loudly, as my favourite artists are Rammstein, Oomph, Deathstars, Hyde, Gackt, Korn, Deftones, Linkin Park, Metallica and many more.

A selection of my favourite music can be found on the Spotify playlist.