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my name is Killian, I’m 42 years old and I’m from Brazil. 

In my free time I spend my time in nature, with my family, with my friends and riding my motorcycle. I also like to do self-development not only intellectually but equally spiritually, which I consider an essential part of each one of us.

In the cultural realm, I am an avid reader of biography, history, physics, mathematics, biology, psychology, literature, poetry, music, social engineering, programming, design, craftsmanship, war strategies, martial arts, and more. 

Since October 2023, I have been an ambassador for Metaltone Records, a Slovak music label, representing its activities in Brazil and South America. 

I also support artists and I am searching for opportunities to promote their music. 

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And what kind of music do I like?

You can listen to a smaller selection on the Spotify playlist.