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FACETAKER ... expected album of the year

Corpus Gorgonium’s upcoming album features the track „Ark Of Dying Light“ which is a listener’s treat, hopefully it won’t just stay there and keep on topping or saucing. If it doesn’t, and the whole album is interwoven with interconnected tracks with varied continuity in the songs, then one can expect the album of the year

An interview about Facetaker’s diverse musical production, his plans for the future, and much more.

In Japan and southern America they are reaching for it, as they say, with all ten hands. I’m quite happy for that, because I can say with a clear conscience that Rony is doing it very honestly, so for me it’s currently the top project (band) in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Rony Rage is a multi-genre musician who has been making music for over 25 years. His dedication to music is evidenced by his new solo project FACETAKER. He draws musical ideas from life and imagination and his work is characterized by a progressive approach.

Interview with Rony for Czech metal magazine in which he will tell you more about his musical career, his break and his grand comeback

Main article of the Czech internet magazine and radio Metal Heart

Another article from Slovak Metal Magazine about the Facetaker project and the expected release of the second album.

An article from the Slovak magazine METALSCENA informs about the release of Facetaker’s second album. „Tales Untold“ release date 30th November. Facetaker is gathering one success after another and we definitely have something to look forward to. 

A short article from the Slovak magazine METALSCENA, which introduces the artist Facetaker. He will tell you something about his previous career, his beginnings and the meaning of his music.