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With their debut album, Black Sun, gothic shockers Sharzall abducted the listener into their gloomy world. The first album, which will be released on June 16th, reflects the musical diversity of frontman Rony Rrage, which combines basic elements of Gothic Metal, Dark Rock, and Postpunk into an overall concept. This mix of styles could be described as The Sisters Of mercy meets DEATHSTARS. Dark Synths, Heavy Guitars and impassionate guitar solos are only one side of Sharzall’s musical expression. 

It all started in September 2014, when singer and frontman Rony Rage and bassplayer NYGA, decided to create music and completed the line-up with Drummer D, Keyboardist SHINY and Guitarist LIVITICUS. They knew what they wanted to and what they don’t want is to accept any compromises. Not only their image, the band members look like a mixture of a Clockwork Orange and King Diamond, but all their music, is the reason, that Sharzall gained popularity in their hometown and beyond of it. The lyrics, written by ,Rony Rage, deal with death, but also various experiences in life. 

After established their reputation at various events in their home country, they played their first concert in Austria’s capital city Vienna on May 27th 2016. Austria musicfans already took notice of the group from Slovakia, that played for the first time a set consisting of all their songs in front of an enthusiastic audience at this evening. 

On April 27, 2016, Sharzall, shared stage with Blaze Bayley and Broken Rain, at the Tartarus in Banska Bystrica, during a support gig in Slovakia, and presented songs from their already completed debut album Black Sun to an enthusiastic audience for the first time. Finally, the first music video from Sharzall’s upcoming debut album Black Sun, Way To Die, was released on October 25th 2016. Even with the visual concept of this clip, the darkrockers proved shock potential. 

In February 2017 Sharzall played a concert together with the reunited Band Sunterra. Sunterra, who have been involved since their comeback with the German independent label NRT-Records, submitted NRT-Records Sharzall’s finished debut album. In April Sharzall signed with the label. On may the 17th. 2017, the single, as well as the accompanying video of  Crisis and the EP Serenades from Perdition will be released. The debutalbum of the Gothic Shockers will follow on june 16th the same year, opening a chapter as dark as can be. With their very uniqueness in any way, Sharzall feels ready to conquer the World as they already did in their home slowaka.