METALTONE RECORDS is a multi-genre music label and production house

Rony Rage and his Hellish Music Cauldron is a show for all who have courage and talent

This let’s call it a bit „edgy“ show is a collaboration between METALTONE RECORDS and METALSCENA magazine.

As you all know, the host is Rony „Facetaker“ Rage, a metal provocateur with a strong voice, an original voice and a bit eccentric but unique approach. As he has proven many times before, he doesn’t take his gloves off, so the show is guaranteed to be crazy and fun. Each episode will take one artist to the cauldron and boil them for 90-120 minutes.

The aim of the show is to promote new talent and introduce them to the world. I want to bring not only the big names you already know to the airwaves, but also new music that can’t just stay in the rehearsal rooms.

In each episode, the artists will get into the Rony Rage’s fire cauldron where you will be able to listen to a few songs from their work. They’ll also get a chance to share their thoughts and feelings about their work, their successes and their plans.

Benefits for participants

The main bonus is undoubtedly the opportunity to expand your fan base.

But it doesn’t stop there, and you’ll get much more.
– 10€ discount on „Releaser Program from METALTONE RECORDS
– inclusion in the Metalscena Radio broadcast for the next month
– Suggestion of their music to the successful playlists of METALTONE RECORDS‘ label partners
– a one-time 10% discount on the services of METALTONE RECORDS production house

How to get into the "CAULDRON" ?

Interested applicants can apply by email to

The price for participation in the session is 60 € including VAT.

To register for the competition, it is necessary:
– briefly introduce yourself
– write interesting facts about you, your achievements, what you are doing, your plans, etc.
– send a photo (which will be used for promo if you participate)
– send a link(s) where we can find your music
– send links to your social networks
– send links to websites that feature you (if there are any and you want them to be published or mentioned)
– the songs you want to be played in MP3 format (just deliver within 2 days of production confirmation)


The standard broadcast of the show „Rony Rage and His Infernal Music Cauldron“ takes place on the last Saturday night of the month.

We will keep you informed of the closing date for submissions to the show, but normally no later than the 7th of the month.
You must supply the above mentioned documents by the deadline to register for the competition.

So, get ready for an extraordinary musical adventure with Rony and his Infernal Cauldron of Music. Get an audio experience that will warm more than just the artist in the cauldron.