METALTONE RECORDS is a multi-genre music label and production house
Basic information and explanations about the services
provided in Artist Programs
Release music for 1 artist

„We will manage the release and distribution of music for one artist“

ISRC Code Assignment

“ We will efficient and precise ISRC code assignment for seamless music identification and tracking. Each ISRC code is unique, serving as a digital fingerprint for your music, facilitating global recognition, and ensuring proper royalty distribution. „

UPC Code Assignments

„We will facilitating seamless music distribution with UPC code assignments. Ensure individuality for each release, streamlining tracking, sales, and royalty management across diverse platforms.“

Distribution Plan

„We can apply strategic distribution plan for optimal reach and impact. Effectively release and promote your content across diverse platforms, maximizing visibility and audience engagement.“

Digital Music Distribution (over 200 worldwide platforms)

„We will distribute your music seamlessly to over 200 global platforms, ensuring your art reaches a vast and diverse audience effortlessly.“

Digital Music Distribution to social media

„We will expand your musical influence by seamlessly distributing your music to various social media platforms, including features tailored for Reels and Shorts. Amplify your reach and engagement across diverse audiences with our comprehensive digital music distribution services.“

Digital Music Distribution to radios

„We will broaden your musical horizon through digital music distribution to radios.“

Store Manager

„We will efficiently manage your digital music presence as Store Managers, promoting your music across chosen platforms or all, maximizing visibility and engagement to enhance your overall online music experience.“

Store Automator

„Empower your music distribution effortlessly! With our Store Automator, your releases are automatically delivered to new stores as we continually expand our network. Stay connected to evolving platforms seamlessly and enhance your music’s reach with automated distribution.“

Release Restrictions

„We can set the restricted country for your release, tailoring its reach to align with your strategic goals.“

Pre-Order Campaigns

„We will organize a campaign to pre-order your issues. Use the power of anticipation and strategic promotion to build enthusiasm, increase engagement, and maximize the success of your upcoming music.“ 

Gold – 1 single and 1 album per year / Platinum – 3 singles and 1 album per year / VIP – by individual agreement

Recommendations to the show in Metalscena netRadio

„We will curate recommendations for your music to the  Metalscena netRadio. Elevate your content with tailored suggestions that resonate with your audience, creating an engaging and dynamic listening experience.“

Online support - for newcomers

„We will guide and support newcomers in the music world through our online support services. Offering advice and acting as a walkthrough, we help you navigate the opportunities of the music industry, ensuring a smooth entry and successful journey. Startup – 20 hours / Silver – 10 hours of support through online meetings.“

Personalised Sharelinks

„We will craft personalized share links for your release, empowering you to easily share and promote your music across various platforms. Enhance your marketing efforts with customized links tailored to maximize engagement and reach.“

Revenue from Digital Stores

„We’ll give you the opportunity to make money on all platforms where your music is distributed. „

Artist revenue splits

„We will facilitate artist revenue splits, ensuring a fair and transparent distribution of earnings. Collaborate seamlessly and share the success of your music with fellow artists through our streamlined revenue allocation process.“

Promotion support via our Social Media Channels

„We will amplify your social media presence through targeted distribution on our Facebook and Instagram channels. Elevate your music’s visibility and engagement as we strategically share your content with our audience across these popular platforms.“

Content ID + monetization

„We offer Content ID with monetization capabilities, safeguarding your content while maximizing revenue opportunities. Protect your creative work and unlock its earning potential through our comprehensive Content ID and monetization services.“

Contact - Email

„We provide a direct line for contact via email. Expect a prompt response within 24-48 hours during working days. Your inquiries are important to us, and we are committed to addressing them efficiently and effectively.“

Personal contact - Whats Up / Viber

„We will enhance your experience with personalized support. Reach out to us via WhatsApp/Viber for more effective, 24/7 communication and faster responses, ensuring your inquiries are addressed promptly and efficiently.“

Personal contact - Online video chat

„We will offer the option of video conferencing after a pre-arranged appointment to allow you to visually showcase your plans and queries, so together we can ensure more effective steps are taken to maximise success.“

Targeted promotion (more than 1300 active channels)

„We will enhance your promotional efforts by leveraging our extensive network of more than 1,300 active channels that reach more than 30 million people. Maximize the visibility and engagement of your content through our strategic and effective promotional services.“

Exclusive partnerships

„We will showcase your talent to our exclusive partners so you don’t miss any opportunities such as: self-promotion, contests, new opportunities in the form of custom recorded jingles, exclusive interviews, events, your own show and more.“

Get your music in TV, Movies, Games, & More

„We will propel your music into diverse media landscapes. Get your sound featured in TV, Movies, Games, and more, expanding your reach and enhancing your presence across a variety of entertainment platforms.“

Worldwide Reviews Free

„We will take the initiative to send your music for reviews. Enhance your visibility and receive valuable feedback as we connect your work with reviewers who can offer insights and opinions on your creative endeavors.“ 

(Please note that Metaltone Records has no influence on published reviews. Once your music has been submitted for review, the reviewer has every right to express his/her opinion and therefore cannot be asked to change or withdraw the review.)